DIGIEVER Showcased Robust and Effective IP Video Surveillance Solutions at 2014 Intel IoT Asia

DIGIEVER Showcased Robust and Effective IP Video Surveillance Solutions
at 2014 Intel IoT Asia   

October 13 - Taipei, Taiwan 

DIGIEVER, a world leading company of IP video management surveillance system, showcased DIGIEVER NVR all-in-one solutions in Intel IoT Asia Taipei on October 1st. As one of Intel Internet of Things solution alliance, DIGIEVER demonstrated DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series and DIGIEVER CMS to display its excellent network surveillance performance.

DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series is the world’s first 4K Ultra HD hardware decoding Linux-embedded NVR. Powered by Intel Dual Core high performance CPU, DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series can perform hardware decode local display of 4K Ultra HD(8MP) quality, remote browser monitoring, multi-layer dynamic E-Map, multi-megapixel recording and smart search playback. Users can also treat DIGIEVER NVR as a mini-CMS server to connect other remote site of DIGIEVER NVR with the maximum of 144 channels. For large-scale surveillance requirements, DIGIEVER CMS is the best choice for users to efficiently manage up to 1024 channels of DIGIEVER NVR.

With the advance of network technology, Internet of Things (IoT) is an ideal blueprint to make a wide variety of device available on the Internet, including mobile application and surveillance system. Users can make use of DIGIEVER NVR solution to monitor anytime and anywhere via local display, remote browser, iOS and Android mobile monitoring. In addition, DIGIEVER NVR provides powerful event and action management to immediately inform security guard event triggered and to take corresponding actions so as to minimize event damage or loss. For example, if DIGIEVER NVR detects a motion captured from IP camera, or an external event trigged via HTTP protocol device, DIGIEVER can take up to 14 actions such as to active fire alarm or to close the door via Internet so as to smartly guard your region.

"With a rapid growth of IoT network device, DIGIEVER is dedicated to providing comprehensive IP video surveillance solution to complete IoT supplying chain and to smartly guard the city and the society." said Allen Tseng, Product Director of DIGIEVER. "With complete video surveillance solutions, I believe users can discover suitable surveillance solution in vertical markets."