DIGIEVER Launches the World's First 4K Ultra HD Hardware Decode Linux-Embedded NVR: DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ Series

DIGIEVER Launches the World’s First 4K Ultra HD Hardware Decode
Linux-Embedded NVR: DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ Series


Taipei, Taiwan- October 6, 2014

DIGIEVER, a world leading company of IP video management surveillance system, unveiled the world’s first 4K Ultra HD hardware decode Linux-Embedded NVR, DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series.

With the launch of DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series, DIGIEVER creates a new era in video surveillance industry to provide users an advanced visual experience.


DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series can perform high performance hardware decode 4K Ultra HD IP cameraand simultaneously support up to 64 channels local display and remote liveview. Powered by Intel Dual Core high performance CPU and DIGIEVER’s exclusive hardware decode technology, DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series can perform 400Mbps network throughput and distinctive FPS per single page such as 4K Ultra HD, 4MP@200FPS, Full HD@480FPS, HD@720FPS and D1@1000FPS in H.264 video format. In addition, DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series can dewarp up to 5 Megapixel Panomorph IP cameras on local display with IP cameras equipped with ImmerVision's lens.

Moreover, DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series builds in diverse advanced features such as mini-CMS server, multi-layer dynamic Emap, multi-channel playback, smart search, event and action management, etc. DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series can be a mini-CMS server to connect other DIGIEVER NVR with the maximum of 144 channels so as to remotely monitor other remote NVR sites without extra VMS software. 

Multi-layer dynamic Emap is a quick navigation to quickly indicate physical location of IP cameras. When an event is triggered, a window will pop out to notify user and display real-time liveview situation to users; therefore, users can quickly locate event site and take appropriate actions to minimize event loss and damage.

DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series offers smart search on playback to help users quickly find out key video with five detection modes, including Motion Detection, Foreign Object Detection, Camera Tampering Detection, Lose Focus and Missing Object Detection. After discovering desired video, users can quickly playback that video by double-clicking on it. 

DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series is an intelligentsystem with powerful event and action management that provides up to 5 event types and  14 action types to inform users at the very first time and to minimize the damage when an event is triggered. To know more DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ features, please click here.



DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series have five products lines for different vertical markets, including DS-8200-RM Pro+ series, DS-4200-RM Pro+ series, DS-4200 Pro+ series, DS-2100 Pro+ series and DS-1100 Pro+ series. The storage capacity of DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series ranges from 1-bay to 8-bay hard disk drive. DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series also supports up to 6TB per single HDD, which is the same as DIGIEVER NVR Pro series. The maximum storage capacity of DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series supports up to 48TB for long period recording. Finally, DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series has successfully integrated with over 90 IP camera brands and more than 3200 IP camera models to satisfy surveillance requirements in various vertical markets such as transportation, bank, leisure & hospitalityetc. 

"With a richness of detail and precise 4K Ultra HD hardware decoding performance, 400Mbps network throughput, sufficient storage capacity and comprehensive compatible capability, DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series is indeed the most powerful NVR on the earth." said Mr. Allen Tseng, Product Director of DIGIEVER. "Respond to customer demand, DIGIEVER always thinks forward to provide high performance IP video surveillance solutions. And DIGIEVER NVR Pro+ series is the best example of it."